Chocolate in Germany - Today

Ritter Sport
Ritter Sport

(The complete information about Chocolate in Germany is available only in the German section of this site.)

With 8 to 9 kg the consumption of chocolate and cocoa products in Germany is very high. Based on the consumption a big chocolate industry has established in Germany with a strong export of chocolate products.

The big chocolate companies in Germany

The most important companies on the German chocolate market are Ferrero (from Italy), Kraft Foods (USA), Ludwig Schokolade (Germany), Alfred Ritter (Germany) and Stollwerck (Germany. Belongs to Barry Callebaut). These companies own the strongest brands like Milka, Toblerone, Trumpf, Alpia, Ritter Sport, Stollwerck, Sarotti, Sprengel and Ferrero Rocher.

Some of these brands are only known in Germany like Sarotti which is known by 99 % of all Germans but never was successful abroad. Ritter Sport one of the German market leader in 100g bars is internationally known for it's square bars and is sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Feodora Sortiment
Feodora Chocolate

The small and fine chocolate companies

Only a couple of bean to bar companies produces fine chocolate in Germany. Most of them have a long tradition like Bremer Hachez Chocolade, Feodora Chocolade, Rausch Schokoladen and the German subsidiary of Lindt & Spr├╝ngli. With CCC Confiserie Coppeneur a young company today is making a high level chocolate. Coppeneur was the first Germany company exhibiting at the Salon du Chocolat, Paris.

Since the 1990's there was a boom for fine and dark chocolate. A lot of new chocolate stores opened and are selling chocolate from France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. But the consumption of fine and dark chocolate is still on a low level.

Chocolate in Munich

For chocolate lovers Munich is one of the best towns in Germany. The best chocolate shops are G├Âtterspeise, Chocolate & More, Franz - Kontor for chocolate, Stolberg Schokoladen and Stancsics Schoko.Laden. Alois Dallmayr a coffee and fine food store has also a lot of fine chocolate.

Places to drink a good hot chocolate are G├Âtterspreise, Chocolate & More and the Opern Espresso in the Maximilianstreet.

The confectionery manufacturer from Munich have a typical German praline assortment. If you want to taste them you find several shops of Elly Seidl or visit Caf├ę Luitpold.

Chocolate in Hamburg

The list of chocolate stores in Hamburg grows every week. Here are some of the nicest stores:

In the town center you find Osch├Ątzchen (Hohe Bleichen 26). A very good assortment of international chocolates alongside with herbs and fine food. Not far away "unter den Colonnaden" is Choco Monde a modern style chocolate shop.

Outside the town center in Hamburg Winterhude is the Xocolaterie (Gertigstra├če 11). The Xocolaterie presents finest chocolates from bars to praline in a classical store.

With Schokovida the quarter Eppendorf has it's own chocolate shop. Chocolates from all over the world, some own chocolate confectionery, cakes and hot chocolate are waiting for chocolate lovers.
Also in Eppendorf is Burgs Kaffeer├Âsterei (Eppendorfer Weg 252). A coffee roaster with a good assortment of fine chocolate.

Chocolate in Cologne

Cologne is the home of the ISM the international sweets fair. The ISM is the yearly meeting point for the confectionery industry from all over the world and the most important trade fair for confectionery and chocolate.

With the "chocolate museum" Cologne has one of the best chocolate museums in the world. Including a own chocolate production the museum is a nice expedition through 3,000 years of chocolate history.

Good places to buy chocolate are "Dunkles Gold" (Bruesseler Str. 44), "Chocolat" (Breite Str. 80-90), Alimentaria Tivona (Im Klapperhof 33a, Hinterhof), Gliss Caffee Contor (St. Apern-Str. 14) and Tee Orth (Kalker Hauptstr. 55).